Passion / Aggression

by DeadLift

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Powerful music that hits hard and has true meaning behind it.

>Composed by Matt Argyelan, Anthony Snellings, and Arrold Walton
>Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Arrold Walton


released March 26, 2013

Matt Argyelan, Anthony Snellings, Arrold Walton, Ryan Swier,



all rights reserved


DeadLift San Diego, California

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Track Name: Deus Ex Machina
You try to act like you got it all figured out,
Well tell me what do you know,
About anything at all?
Is there a god above you,
Like I would believe a single word that you fucking say,
Such confidence about all this bullshit when,
It’s just so hard to say,
Acting like it’s your fucking place
To dictate morality,
Now tell me what is the meaning,
To your claims to virtue,
Is there really anything there?
You’re playing it off like you’re just as good as,
Someone who built their ideas,
On something that you don’t fucking believe in,
Don’t you see how none of this is making any sense,
There was never an objective starting point,
So why are you still fucking lying ,
Track Name: Yoona 939
I don’t exactly know how I came to feel this way,
Such blatant disregard for what was my philosophy,
And I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to comprehend,
My passion and my aggression,
So what’s left to say when it seems like I’m not coming through to you,
Speaking so fucking clearly
Open your fucking mind,
Look at me,
Open your fucking mind,
Constantly looking a gift horse in the mouth
I detest your understanding of it
You refuse to see my standing point on this,
The answers are never good enough,
When it is you in need of convincing,
I feel like I’ve said all I need to say,
This was not the path I wanted to take,
And I know it may not be easy,
But I will be damned if you try to stop me,
This is not my destiny,
I won't let it defeat me,
This is not my destiny,
It won’t defeat me
This is not my destiny,
I will denounce what is binding me,
And recognize what truly matters,
There is nothing that I can not do,
With you out of the picture,
We can sit and bullshit 'til the end of days,
We won't be closer to what you want to hear,
I don’t exactly know how I came to feel this way,
Such blatant disregard for what was my philosophy,
And I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to comprehend,
My passion and my aggression,
Track Name: Edward Blake Monologue
You try to force your views on your fellow man
Without reason you explain your points to them
And at the end of the day
You might feel that you have succeeded
All you have accomplished
Is furthering their ignorance
I will no longer stand for this
You are building up false accusations
It is an endless cycle of bullshit
And i can no longer handle it
You won’t take this fucking world with you
Down to the fucking grave with you
You’re just a pawn in someone else’s fucking scheme
Don’t you see it?
You’re playing up to the standards they have invented
I never said sit idly,
I never fucking said give up,
I never fucking said sit idly,
I never fucking said shit,
You need to think for fucking yourself,
Stop following arguments produced by the media,
Don’t buy into this forced dichotomy ,
In this world you’re trying to fucking paint,
In this world you’re trying to fucking paint,
Do you really think you mattered?
When push comes to shove
You’d be fucking obliterated
Track Name: House of Cards
I need a fucking second to comprehend this,
You came to me in need and I assisted you,
I should have fucking known I was walking backwards,
The dark hue of my blood now encompasses your blade,
“I’m sorry there is nothing else I can do”
“My hands are tied”
The fucking lies excrete from your cowardly mouth,
(A deal is a deal when you are dealing with me),
You should have thought twice when double crossing me,
The world will not stand in the way of my retribution
All along I'm without the knowledge of this impending threat
I will fuck, use, and betray, do anything by any means,
Because nothing is out of contention from what I deem necessary,
Just another piece of shit,
Trying to get in my fucking way,
He sees me as a friend but the feeling is not mutually held,
He should have known better than to trust me,
I hold this as further proof of his replaceability,
Everyone is free game in this world of suckers
You won’t see me fucking beg for anything
I see what I fucking want,
And I take it,
Track Name: Retaliation [Ft. Ryan Swier of Immoral]
What were the first words that you heard,
That made you question your faith,
Was it the confession,
Of someone's renunciation?
Or was it that burning reason,
That made you,
Question everything?
When will you question everything?
The people of this earth,
Will not stand for your crimes,
They will take to the streets,
In attempt to right this wrong,
Right this wrong,
Forever searching we will find a way,
For our fate to be more humane,
We will wage war,
Upon this bullshit that you have founded,
This fucking stain on our history,
You permitted oppression,
The masses will expect your execution,
Your kingdom will become nothing,
Our reason will become law,
The revolution is now,
In order to save our lives,
You will be dethroned,
You will be dethroned,
This world is finally ours,